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Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique which uses a twisting thread to pull the hair from the root.​ 

Eyebrow threading is a preferred hair removal technique for a number of reasons. Unlike tweezing or plucking, eyebrow threading removes one clean line of hair all at once, making it much quicker and easier to shape the brows. Eyebrow threading also will not harm the skin like wax and somedepilatory creams can. If done correctly, the skin should not be red or irritated for more than a few minutes after the eyebrow threading session. Some aestheticians also find it easier to shape eyebrows using this technique than other methods available.

It is important to find an aesthetician who is experienced at eyebrow threading. Inexperience can result in uneven brows, hair breakage, ingrown hairs, or unnecessary pain. Most urban areas have a wide variety of spas offering eyebrow threading, and many online resources offer reviews of the service, including photographs of clients. If you are unsure about a spa, look for one which is frequented by Middle Eastern and Indian clients with perfect eyebrows.​ 

Threading Services

​Upper Lip
​Partial face
​Full Face

Henna Body Art

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Henna tattoos are a fun and safe way to explore body art without pain or commitment. Henna is a natural substance that's been used for centuries to create beautiful, temporary designs on the body - an art form that is called Mehndi (or Mehandi). Today, henna tattoos are still used in religious and wedding ceremonies in India, but has also gained appreciation in other countries as a beautiful art to be appreciated at any time.

​​Prices are approximately $100.00 an hour or upon completion of  agreed design.  Quotes available upon request. Our per tattoo pricing can range from $35.00 and up.